PARCS Solution

Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems 
– Smart Parking System

Through a premier parking control system developed with a decade of accumulated knowhow, we have been satisfying the needs of diverse clients and continually adapting to the ever-evolving trends in parking. We offer customized parking operating solutions that deliver seamless parking operations management and optimal profitability to our clients.

The Smart Next-generation Automated System

Smart Parking Control Solution
  • Control and manage the entry and exit of cars through single-unit LPR and automatic pay machine
  • Apply discounts as cars enter according to web-based discount system
An Array of Convenient Management Functions
  • Monitoring screen for in and out vehicles
  • Sales summary by equipment
  • Consolidated sales summary
  • List of non-exit vehicles
  • Payment by individual car
  • List of applied discounts

Benefits of Automated Parking Control System

Lower Management Costs

Parking automation reduces management costs and makes 24-hour operation possible.

Improved User Satisfaction

Automatic license plate recognition, prepayment, and diverse payment options maximize convenience for customers.

More Efficient Parking Management

Manage your revenue more accurately and efficiently online or with a mobile device.

Video Guidance Control System APGS

HUMAX APGS solution lets operators keep track of the status of all the parking spaces in the lot via AI-based video cameras. The data collected with the cameras also support other mobility services in the lot such as “Find My Car” (locating individual cars) and indoor navigation.

Advanced Parking Guidance System (APGS)

Fast Vacant Space Location

Indoor navigation routing and an array of parking guidance features and LED displays make it easier for drivers to locate vacant parking spaces.

Efficient Parking Lot Management

APGS’s flexible vehicle and vacant space tracking functions allow operators to manage the lot by individual parking unit.

Enhanced Security and Safety

Monitor the entire lot with AI fisheye cameras, doing away with blind spots and the need for a separate CCTV system.

360º Omnidirectional Video Guidance Camera System Features

  • Manage and monitor the status of every parking space in the lot.
  • Digitalize parking space data through a vision solution based on AI and fisheye video camera tracking technology.
  • Collect data and utilize other mobility services including “Find My Car” (locating individual cars) and indoor navigation.

Main Features of APGS

1. APGS Real-time Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of all areas of the parking lot via 360º AI fisheye cameras
  • Security and safety enhancement
    – Event detection and alarm (illegal parking, fire, accidents, long-term parked vehicles, etc.)
    – APGS control program’s toast message popup triggered by an event maintained until the problem is solved
  • EV-charging-only zones management and enforcement

2. Indoor Navigation

  • An integrated smartphone app that guides visitors along quick routes to empty parking spaces
  • APGS AI video camera’s real-time vehicle tracking function and positioning data integrated to provide an indoor route guidance UX
  • Quick and convenient parking experience without the hassle of searching for an empty space

3. Premium Zone

  • APGS allows operators to manage the lot by individual parking unit, making value differentiation of parking spaces possible.
  • Value can be placed on parking spaces by location, layout, or other preferences for a more dynamic and fluid management of the parking lot.

4. “Find My Car” Service

  • Visitors can locate their vehicles from an auto pay station or information kiosk.
    – Cars parked outside official parking spaces can also be located (via area search).
  • Rentals and carsharing service vehicles can be located individually from a kiosk.

Parking Guidance Fisheye Camera 360º Omnidirectional Camera + Vehicle Recognition Module


  • Parking guidance: one camera providing monitoring of up to 12-14 parking spaces, real-time reading of license plate, and parking data
  • Real-time tracking of moving vehicles
  • Locate cars: locating individual vehicles
  • Optimization of security management within the parking lot via video recording function (optional)
  • Vehicle recognition process

Ultrasonic Guidance Control System

As the core system connecting myriad mobility services based on parking control solutions, our smart parking guidance system offers drivers an easier, more convenient parking lot experience.

Parking Guidance System

  • An easier, more convenient parking lot experience for drivers
  • Ultrasonic guidance equipment installed to allow drivers to locate empty spaces and park hassle-free

Parking Guidance Equipment

  • Ultrasonic sensors installed over parking spaces show parking availability
  • Parking space displays show parking status clearly and effectively

Connectivity with Diverse Mobility Services

Our smart parking guidance system keeps track of real-time parking conditions and is linked to an array of mobility services, offering a convenient parking experience for drivers.

Speedy Parking Guidance

Through guidance and occupied/vacant displays, drivers find empty spaces quickly

Ultrasonic Sensor


  • All-in-one ultrasonic sensor LEDs installed for easy identification from vehicle routes
  • Easily seen from any direction even while driving

Parking Guidance Robot

With parking guidance robots, operators can reduce repetitive work, improve work efficiency, and enhance customer experience. Our robots are linked with parking control and guidance systems to offer drivers a convenient parking experience.

Parking Control/Guidance System and Robot Combo

The parking guidance robot provides visitors with a more advanced, convenient parking experience. Once the parking control system obtains a vehicle’s data, it’s transmitted to the APGS*, which begins tracking the vehicle. The guidance robot in turn identifies the vehicle and its intention and provides relevant service.

*APGS: Advanced Parking Guidance System, a vehicle guidance system with an AI-based location-detection and tracking algorithm technology

Robot Platform & Partner

Humax’s robot control platform optimizes the robot’s service efficiency by offering robot status management, business management, log checks, statistics data management, error alarms, and links with external systems. Partnering with a premium robot manufacturer, we aim to provide the highest quality of robots to operators.

Service Overview

Installed with license plate readers (LPR), our robots track license plate numbers and direct vehicles to or away from specifically designated parking zones.

Managing Electric Vehicle Zones

Having regular cars parked in EV-charging spaces can be a headache for any operator. Able to identify EV license plates, our robots allow only electric vehicles to enter and charge in EV-charging zones or EV-only parking spaces.

Controlling Reserved Parking Zones

Our robots are capable of effectively managing reserved parking areas in the lot, so additional personnel or equipment are unnecessary. Simply designate specific areas as reserved parking for VIPs, and our robots can do the rest.

Main Features

The state-of-the-art, autonomous mobile service robot

License Plate Recognition

The robot detects an approaching vehicle and read its license plate number.

APGS Server Connection

Connected to the APGS server, the robot can open access for cars to designated areas in advance.

Vehicle Control

Once a license plate number is read, the robot determines whether to open access to a particular route.

Automatic Charging

When a robot’s battery level drops to less than 10%, it automatically returns to the charging station to begin charging.

What our clients say...

"Hi-Parking is the No. 1 parking service operator in Korea, with the largest parking lots, parking spaces, and the most customers. We were contemplating about how to manage and control these many parking lots more effectively and provide more advanced parking services to our customers. The RAiDEA smart parking was the perfect solution for our needs. With this system, we saw great results in reducing costs and in our 24-hour operation. Customer satisfaction also went up. We were also able to effectively manage revenues through the online/mobile service.”

What is PARCS?

PARCS stands for Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems. A computerized parking system, it allows operators to manage their parking systems in real time, controlling access and collecting parking fees from users.

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