Shared Mobility Device

Every type of transportation, including vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, and personal mobility, can be controlled remotely.

Car Sharing Device

Every type of transportation, including vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, and personal mobility, can be controlled remotely.

It enables operators to analyze drivers’ behavior – such as over speeding, rapid accelerating, and rapid decelerating – and to monitor changes in the vehicles’ environment.

It also supports a variety of accessories that can control vehicles even when the network is not connected.

  • Connectionless and connection-oriented operation support
  • A variety of door control methods
  • Vehicle control through BLE of smartphones
  • Driving data and events transmission
  • Remote management of reservation information
  • Door control and lock status reporting
  • Mobileye ADAS output data collection and reporting
  • Door/ Horn /Hazard /Auxiliary power output control
  • Anti-theft function via fuel pump or starter key control
  • Wireless monitoring and alarm
  • Remote system setup
  • OAP (Over the Air Programming)

- Accessories

RFID Card Reader

Supported Protocol

  • ISO14443 Type A
  • ISO14443 Type B
  • ISO15693
  • IS018092

Supported Card


Air Quality Module

  • PM (Particulate Matter)
  • 1.0 / 2.5 / 10 (μg/m3)
  • TVOC: 0ppb ~ 1187ppb
  • eCO2: 400ppm ~ 8192ppm
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Audio output function
  • 3-color LED x 1, normal LED x 3

Touch Keypad

  • Capacitive touch
  • TOTP based operation
  • 6 x button & touch LED
  • Attached to the inner side of the automotive windshield

Smart Key Module

  • Smart key PCB fixing and wire soldering parts

Anti-Theft Module

  • Fuel pump or cranking signal on/off control

> IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment)

  • Android device with Quad-core 1.6GHz AP
  • Built-in LTE modem for OTA update and remote manage
  • Wi-Fi available in vehicle

> DVR Device

The DVR Device can support up to 4 channels, as well as record and save real-time videos and events (deceleration, acceleration, sharp turn, and impact) videos.

It also allows you to collect and monitor video data on traffic conditions, accident situations, and drivers.

- Accessories

Front/Back Camera (In-dash)

  • Full HD (1920×1080), HD (1280×720)
  • Security LED
  • Built-in Microphone (front camera only)
  • Manual recording button (front camera only)
    – Manual recording
    – Microphone on/off
  • 360° rotation available

External Camera (Outdoor)

  • HD (1280×720)
  • Infrared LED
  • 5 IR LEDs
  • Waterproof design
  • Automatic light sensor

- DVR Platform

OTORIDE DVR FMS is a Humax video control platform that provides fast service and allows you to build systems. It also provides an exclusive viewer for multi-channel video viewing.

our clients ...

Uber Carshare, formerly known as Car Next Door, is a car-sharing platform offering convenient access to vehicles for renters while empowering car owners with additional income opportunities. The name change came into effect in November 2022, following Uber’s acquisition in January 2022. Reflecting Uber’s commitment to providing a seamless and sustainable transportation alternative, Uber Carshare continues to evolve and enhance the mobility experience.
Established in 2012, SOCAR is the largest car-sharing service in Korea with more than 14,000 vehicles in its fleet. SOCAR has installed and is currently using the strategic connected car device OTOPLUG in all of its 10,000 service vehicles. Since 2016 we have been supplying an integrated connected car solution to SOCAR, including an infotainment system and black box to ensure higher convenience and better safety.
Kia Motors will launch its “Hands-on Tour” campaign that combines test drives for customers with a car sharing service as part of their international marketing activities with Innocean. We were contracted by Innocean to supply the car sharing solution to the “Hands-on Tour” vehicles for test driving and have been establishing local services in Manila, the Philippines, and South Africa since November 2016.
Founded in 2012, Green Car is the second largest car-sharing service in Korea operating than 5,000 vehicles. OTOPLUG is proving to be essential in operating a variety of car sharing service types.
Happy Car, a resident-oriented car sharing service, is also using our products in all their vehicles. OTOPLUG is proving to be essential in operating a variety of car sharing service types.
The Korea Expressway Corporation adopted the OTOPLUG group car sharing service in January 2016 and now operates a total of 31 vehicles at five construction business groups across Korea. After adopting the service, the Korea Expressway Corporation was able to achieve transparency in their vehicle usage and was given suggestions to utilize the service for vehicles used for personal purposes. Currently there are plans to expand the application of the service.
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