EV Charging Solution

Humax offers a fully-integrated EV charging solution comprising of charger design, sales, and operation.

Humax is Charging Ahead.

Having recently acquired a company with power conversion technology and charging business expertise, we are charging ahead with developing Humax-branded EV chargers.

By integrating EV charging and our parking operations, we have been installing fast and slow chargers in major commercial districts throughout Korea.

We are taking the cutting-edge technology, quality standard, and production capabilities garnered from our extensive broadband and network gateway businesses and applying them to the EV charging business model.

Through our global network, we are expanding the EV charging business as well as offering a complete solutions package combining an array of mobility services. Our ongoing aim, after all, is to maximize value for the user with the highest quality of service.

Integrated EV Charging Solution

EV Charger R&D, Production

  • 7kW-350kW Charger Development Expertise
  • Planning, Design, and Production Technology
  • Billing Type Wall Socket (Outlet): Slow/Fast/Ultra-Fast Chargers

EV Charger Sales

  • Expansion of Customer Base to Building Contractors & CPOs
  • Public and Private Chargers
  • B2G, B2B, B2C Businesses

EV Charger Operations

  • Integrated Mobility Service Platform
  • Mobility-Related Add-On Services
  • Smart Grid and Energy Management System

Our Products

Slow Charger

Fast Charger

What is EV charger?

An EV charger is an equipment that provides power for electric vehicles, for recharging their batteries at appropriate intervals to keep them running.

Our Products

Slow Charger

Fast Charger

Ultra Fast Charger

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